Time to go back to basics

It’s easy to get distracted by new ideas and the latest technology or theories. Whether it be content marketing or keeping up with the latest social media trends.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to go back to basics!

What is Marketing?

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” –CIM

One thing stands out for me in particular- the CUSTOMER. How can you “identify, anticipate and satisfy” their needs if you don’t know who they are? With two new Marketing Executives on my team, it is important that their training focuses on who our customer is. This is not always an easy thing to learn! As a business, we work in several different industries pharmaceuticals, marketing, aviation, trading, supply chain…to name but a few. As marketers, our role is to focus the team’s efforts on the customer and ensure that we communicate effectively with that customer.

Every newbie to marketing when asked “what do you think are effective tools of promotion” answers “social media!”  I am not suggesting that this answer is wrong…I am suggesting that this is not always the answer. Similarly, email is not always the answer.

So I recently implemented new policies within my office to focus everyone, not just my team, back onto the customer and who our customer is.

For our events, we have 3 main phases of promotion: spexprom, confprom and visprom, each tailored to get certain a type of attendee. To echo these 3 phases, we now have separate profiling meetings immediately before each phase is strategised. This ensures that our message and data segmentation is much more targeted and effective.

So for example, immediately before the marketing team begins to strategise for spexprom, as an event team we talk about our customer. We discuss their job titles, their industries, their age, their salaries, their favourite sport…we even give each customer a name. This helps not only the marketing team to visualise each customer, but the whole team.

We have already seen a vast improvement to our copywriting, as each team member can now imagine the person reading. Our email open rate has improved by 3% in just two weeks!

This renewed focus on profiling has helped us to visualise the conversation and ensure we are communicating the information the customer needs to know- thus identifying and anticipating their needs. It has also helped with the production of our products. By visualising the customer in the audience, our understanding of their needs has improved- thus ensuring we satisfy their needs.

Effective marketing is not achieved with a one size fits all mindset. Each customer has different needs. Taking the time to get to know the customer ensures you satisfy their needs profitably.


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