How to get an entire city talking about your event in 2 days

Home Delivery World Billboard


A little over a two weeks ago myself and our Managing Director headed to Atlanta on behalf of Home Delivery World 2015 which is taking place this year on April 8-9. This year for the first time, this event is now an expo with over 70+ stands and an expected attendee number of over 1000.

One of the challenges in marketing this event has been ensuring that we are promoting to the right people in Atlanta and Georgia. So 4 weeks before the event, we headed to Atlanta. With 6 scheduled meetings, 1 radio interview and 500 vis-tickets to distribute we had our work cut out for us!

What were the results?

In just two days we managed to distribute 400 Visitor Tickets via the Atlanta-based sponsors and associations we met with. We also met with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce- Supply & Logistics Division whose partners which include Georgia Power and the Georgia Department of Economics. These guys provided us with inside knowledge on the industry in Atlanta and helped us to understand how our event can help to solidify Atlanta’s position as the USA’s industry hub.

Thanks to marketing’s amazing efforts we have several incredible Georgia-based partnerships. I got the chance to meet with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the biggest newspaper in the region to discuss the possibility of extending our partnership. Our MD was also interviewed on Business RadioX, a local Atlanta station. These guys are also conducting a series of interviews with our sponsors and speakers in the run-up to the event.

Check out the interview here >

On top of the interviews with Business RadioX, another of our partners Hypepotamus (an online portal dedicated to raising awareness about Atlanta’s innovative tech & creative community) has been conducting interviews with our speakers from Start-Ups. They have also conducted a little guerilla marketing on our behalf by distributing vis-tickets wherever possible! On top of this, they have been posting any and all relevant content we have put together over the past year on their site. This partnership is a great example of how media partners are assets of any event.

Check out this recent post from Hypepotamus on LinkedIn >

A pit-stop at Atlanta Tech Village on the way back to the airport gave us the opportunity to distribute the remaining 100 vis-tickets.

What this trip to Atlanta has proven to me is the importance of face-to-face meetings. Everyone we met is now even more invested in the success of event and gave us loads of ideas of what we could do to promote the event locally. Not only that, but they are all promoting the event themselves. Great Word-Of-Mouth Marketing for us!

For me this trip was a great opportunity to develop my skills, as this was my first business trip! It really helped me to understand the dynamic of the industry and the event. What I’ve learnt is that as marketers we can’t rely on the BDM’s to talk promotion on their sales trips – they have other priorities. For expos like this, it is so important that we are constantly in contact with the local industry! For 2016, we are already planning our trips to Atlanta. We are also applying what we have learnt to our other events. For America’s Customer Festival which is in New York this year, we already have face-to-face meetings in the diary with local associations to get them invested and on board early.

Meanwhile…the team back in the NYC office were busy taking full advantage of this momentum! One of the great successes of this event was the confirmation of Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed as a speaker and the team have been working with his PR team to promote his participation. They also organized a giant promo team, branded shuttle buses, a billboard along the I-95 and a mobile billboard (pictured)!

Everywhere you go – Atlanta is talking Home Delivery World US.


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