Cutting costs – dispeling the myth that Marketers spend, spend, spend

One of the many focuses of the NYC office of my company has been cutting unnecessary costs – not to the detriment of the customer’s experience of our service.

Marketers don’t need to spend, spend, spend – we need to spend WISELY. By profiling we can target our communication to our customer resulting in cost-effective spend. It is vital to understand which distribution methods work best for your target customer. For example, the customers from Trading Show Chicago behave differently to those from World Orphan Drug Congress USA. What works for one doesn’t work for another. Cost-effective spending can only be achieved by understanding the customer and targeting marketing activities to satisfy their needs.

design 2There other ways to cut costs, for example on design. I am not a designer, but sometimes it saves time and money to do small design projects myself. I follow a simple rule – less is more. Here are some designs that we have done in-house.

Note the simplicity and style- it’s important to echo the brand. Don’t deviate from the brand colours, font or style.

See some samples below that I did for the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2015, which is taking place this week.

This image was put together using simple design tools such as


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