Creating FOMO – LIVE from #WODC


As event marketers, we aim to create buzz around our events. This should not be limited to pre-event. My tip for creating buzz is to play on the sociocultural phenomenon of FOMO.

“FOMO – anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.” – Google search

One way to achieve FOMO is to use the event itself. Events and tradeshows have long been proven to be a great marketing platform. As the event organisers we can take advantage of our own events by changing mindset and seeing the event as a marketing asset – a promotional channel for us as well as our clients.

Firstly, an event is a great source of knowledge. As a B2B event marketer, the events I look after act as my window into the industries in which I work. It is the best opportunity I have to learn industry trends from the experts themselves! This knowledge becomes content – content for blogs, for tweets, for LinkedIn posts…and even future conference agendas.

Secondly, the event gathers your customers in one place. It is our opportunity to speak to our customers directly, to get feedback, to understand their needs better. Use your customers to create FOMO – a tweet from a conference speaker will be more effective than a tweet from the conference organiser. In other words, FOMO is the result of great Word-of-Mouth marketing.

By changing our mindset, we successfully created FOMO this week at #WODC USA – the largest orphan drug conference and expo. We achieved this by blogging LIVE and tweeting regularly. We also encouraged our customers to join in by sending them the # information before the event, adding #WODC onto the onsite printed and digital materials. Check out our conference #hashtag here > #WODC Take particular note of those who wished they had been there 😉

Here are a few highlights from the event twitter feed:




My FOMO tips:

  • See your event as a marketing asset
  • Use your customers. Word-of-Mouth marketing is the most effective channel you have in your toolkit
  • Make your hashtag short, simple, relevant and unforgettable. Minimal characters mean that your customers have more characters to shout out about your event. Making it impossible to forget ensures then when your customers get the urge to tweet, they will and they will information about you.

The orphan drug and rare disease industry are incredibly active across social media, which made the marketing’s teams job that bit easier! Another advantage of FOMO is that it gives your marketing campaign for the following year’s event a head start. The industry already knows that this is an event not to be missed!

Thank you to all our tweeters – our sponsors, speakers, delegates and partners. And not forgetting my awesome marketing team. Enjoyed an amazing three days in Washington D.C…see you in 2016!


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