Lifecycle marketing – guiding the customer by personalising their experience

Lifecycle marketing

At #CNX15 today, an interesting prediction was presented: By 2019, 75% of marketing spend will be allocated to digital marketing.

Thanks to new technology the customer is connected to more information. For marketers, this means that the margin of error is wafer thin. That’s not all, the connected customer has their own power tool! In 2014, mobile technology took over PCs and desktops as the favoured tool of customers to search. This change in customer behaviour demonstrates the importance of digital marketing these days and the necessity of mobile optimisation!

How can we as marketers anticipate and satisfy the needs of the connected customer?

The answer – Personalisation. 

Customers want an experience that is personalised to their needs. 44% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalise the experience across different channels. To drive revenue, it is important to track purchases, preferences, site searches and abandoned cart transactions to enable you as a marketer to tailor customer needs.

Personalisation guides the customers through the lifecycle to purchase and repurchase. Lifecycle marketing is proven to improve rates of revenue, referral and retention.

Joel Book, Principal of Marketing Insights for Salesforce Marketing Cloud spoke about the 5 keys to success in digital marketing in the future. Each key demonstrates that personalisation is the future.

1) Personalise the experience – the connected customer wants a personalised experience.

2) Audience development – comes back to data and using data to understand the consumer, then using this information to personalise the experience.

3) Mobile optimisation – take advantage of the connected customer’s power tool! Digital marketing has to be mobile optimised.

4) Social media marketing – or social listening. Tools like twitter lead cards or facebook custom audiences help marketers to target their message and analyse engagement.

5) Journey management – guiding your customer through the lifecycle has been proven to increase revenue, referral and retention.

What #CNX15 taught me today was the importance of analysing the past to predict the future. Digital marketing is channel of the future that will enable us as marketers to use this data to personalise the customer’s experience.


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