How to bake an event?

Recipe for an event

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I was never a chef, I was a baker. I always enjoyed creating and experimenting in the kitchen, and if I may say so myself, my creations were delicious! As event marketers, we get to experiment and create. With all this creative potential, it is important to remember the basics.

Just like baking a cake, creating an event requires certain ingredients…

My Mum taught me a simple sponge recipe when I was child. We would start with soft margarine and caster sugar. When planning event, its important to remember that there a two basic ingredients required: great product and great data. If you have a great product and great data to distribute your product to, you have the first ingredients towards baking a delicious event.

Next we would add the eggs, gently whisked before we mixed the margarine and sugar. The Sales team are the eggs, prepared before being added to the cake mix. The Sales team sells the vision of the event before the final product is completely finalised. They benefit from the great data, from which prospects can be identified.

The flour is the next ingredient to be added. This vital ingredient ensures that the cake raises to perfection. When adding the flour, it’s important to sieve out any lumps and gently stir into the cake mix, avoiding adding too much air to the mix. The promotion of the event is the next ingredient in our event bake. When adding the promotion, it’s important to sieve out anyone from your data selection who is not relevant too avoid spamming. Carefully tailoring the promotional mix to those left – your perfect target audience, will ensure that your communication effectively generates leads and revenue – raising the event to perfection.

The final stage of our cake and event recipe is the addition of flavour! That little extra something that makes the event something special. This is where the on-site experience and 1-2-1 partnering service come in. These extra flavours add that something extra to events, making your event stand out against the competition.

Put together your great product, great data, top-notch sales team, targeted promotion, and your extra flavour…you have yourself a bake-off winning event!


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