How to get an entire city talking about your event in 2 days

Marketer in New York

Home Delivery World Billboard


A little over a two weeks ago myself and our Managing Director headed to Atlanta on behalf of Home Delivery World 2015 which is taking place this year on April 8-9. This year for the first time, this event is now an expo with over 70+ stands and an expected attendee number of over 1000.

One of the challenges in marketing this event has been ensuring that we are promoting to the right people in Atlanta and Georgia. So 4 weeks before the event, we headed to Atlanta. With 6 scheduled meetings, 1 radio interview and 500 vis-tickets to distribute we had our work cut out for us!

What were the results?

In just two days we managed to distribute 400 Visitor Tickets via the Atlanta-based sponsors and associations we met with. We also met with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce- Supply & Logistics Division whose partners which…

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