Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

I’m a fan of good pun or a little cheese every now and then especially if it improves my email open rate. In a B2B business, I often get criticism from my colleagues that it is not appropriate…I heartily disagree. 

A little cheese here and there doesn’t hurt. Used wisely and perhaps sparingly, it is a great and simple way of helping to stand out. I am 100% that my customers get sick of seeing the same old copy from us and yes absolutely the messages conveyed in those emails are important. But why not do something a little different.

I recently created an email for one of our events, Home Delivery West (taking place tomorrow – still time to book if you’re interested) that played on the delivery event content. The subject line was designed to look like a message from a delivery company, but also needed to be personalised.

Subject line: [FIRSTNAME], there’s a package waiting for you in San Diego

The copy itself demonstrated the treats waiting in the package at Home Delivery West.

Home Delivery West

With a unique open rate of 18.6%, well above our average – I say a little cheese was totally worth it!


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