The 7 Secrets to Great Copywriting

Secrets to great copy - copywriting

As I sit here this evening preparing to train the sales team in copywriting tomorrow, it seems an appropriate moment to write a quick blog about the ‘7 Secrets of Great Copywriting’.

Recently I got a visit from my boss, the Global Head of Marketing who is based in Dubai. This was a great chance for me and my team to learn, get a refresher course on the fundamentals and also brainstorm what marketing could be in 2016. During her visit, she taught us the 7 secrets to great copywriting.

  1. Clear Call-To-Actions – use strong, clear calls to action. Tell the reader what you want them to do and why they should do it. It’s important to decide what action you want the reader to take before you write your copy. Use the same CTA and repeat it. For example, we have a minimum of 5 CTAs in EVERY email, that are always the same (reworded). Be sure that they stand out and are prominent.
  2. Benefit driven copy – don’t feature dump. You need to demonstrate the value to the reader. Having a great keynote speaker is a feature. How their presentation will solve the reader’s problem is a benefit.
  3. Define your purpose – this should be done FIRST in the planning stage. How can you write any copy without knowing why you are writing it? Or what you want your reader to do? You need to know what and to whom you’re selling.
  4. Features – although it is important to avoid a feature dump, the features back up or support the benefits. They are the evidence to support that you can deliver the benefits.
  5. Repeat the message – it’s important to enforce the message of the copy and also what it is you want the reader to do. I recently came across this blog that explains the importance of repetition in PR – the same principles apply in copywriting.
  6. Simple language – copywriting is writing to sell. Think about how you speak to someone and write the same. Don’t use fancy jargon! Remember you are human. The reader is human. They want to be spoken to by a human. In B2B, we are guilty of getting distracted by industry jargon. We are still speaking to humans.

Armed with these 7 secrets and also A.I.D.C.A. (a recipe for any copy), I am confident we will have the strongest copy out there!


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