The Diary of a Marketer in New York – entry 1

First full week back after the holidays and what a week it has been. So much has happened, it seemed like the perfect week for the first entry in The Diary of a Marketer in New York.

Over the holidays, I was thinking about the reasons why I first started this blog. Initially, it was to give me an avenue to write about all the new things that I experienced as a new manager. When I first moved over to the Big Apple, I didn’t actually have any management experience. I was also new to the world of marketing. I remember searching for a blog that was written by someone in a similar position – hoping to find comfort in another. I couldn’t find one. So now, my motivation for writing has changed slightly. Yes – this is still very much my way of noting down my thoughts and ideas, but it is now also a place where I speak of the challenges I face and how I overcome them.

This week has been a mixed bag. And that has presented a challenge in itself.

We have two of our largest events in Q1, which always presents an organisational nightmare. What has been a challenge this week has been balancing the needs of two events, in very different states.

On the one hand, we have one event that is leagues ahead of where we predicted it would be at this time in the marketing campaign. And our other project is hitting a vital stage in the campaign – visitor promotion is about to start. But are we vis-prom ready?

How do we balance the needs of one event that we want to prioritise so that we capitalise on its momentum with another in a critical time? 

What makes this more of a challenge is that one of these events is inspiring my team, whilst the other is knocking their confidence. And mine.

To tackle this, I have adopted a policy of honesty. I have admitted to my team that our weaker event has caused me several sleepless nights. My way of delivering the bad news but with a dose of light-hearted humour! That’s because it is not all doom and gloom! We are pushing forward and we are knocking down those obstacles. So I am also constantly highlighting the positives of this project and sharing with the rest of the team the great work that the marketing team has been doing. Pretty balanced, right?

Does anyone else find some motivational tactics fake? Many articles out there talk about the importance of keeping your team’s energy high and promoting a positive working environment. I agree that this is so important, but sometimes their methods are just fake. I don’t want to lie to my team. I don’t want to shield them from the challenges. I want to help them overcome them. I want them to develop into strong leaders themselves, so I want them to learn how to cope with tough challenges. I want to tackle the challenges that arise, celebrate the wins ,and commiserate the losses together. My job as their boss is not to mollycoddle.




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