New York, A Marketing Melting Pot – Diary of a Marketer in New York

I was nervous when the opportunity to move to the Big Apple came up. I’ll never forget how daunting the big city is to a newbie! It was a strange feeling to move to a city with 8 million inhabitants – not one of whom I actually knew!

But New York is built for newcomers!

It is very easy to meet people in this city with similar interests. I’ve met fellow Welsh Rugby fans (bring on the RBS 6 Nations), fellow amateur choristers and of course many a fellow Sauvignon Blanc devotees.

But what has been great is the number of fellow Marketers I have met.

New York attracts huge events that are marked in any marketers calendar! Salesforce Connections, Advertising Week…America’s Customer Festival 😉

New York also has amazing Meet-Ups. Whenever I meet someone new to New York, I tell them to download the MeetUp app. This app helped me to settle down here. I owe it for many lifelong friendships! It has helped me to meet so many likeminded Marketers in New York.

Networking is so important! Nothing beats face-to-face. This is why we have events! We actually ran a small meet-up earlier this week for our customers who had come into NYC for a conference. It’s such a great way of building relationships. Face-to-face is always best!

Here are just a few of the meet-ups for Marketers in New York that I have checked out (in no particular order):

NYC Marketing Mixer – 

NYC Drinks for Brand and Marketing Managers –

Business Events NYC –

New York Internet Marketing –

NYC Customer Makers & Marketers –

New York Email Marketing –

There are literally hundreds! All varying in interest – digital, internet, email, sales, copy, direct…you name it, there’s a meet-up or 12.


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