You lose some.

The saying goes “You win some…” so naturally “you lose some.”

Today, I am admitting that I lost one.

Wednesday started just like any other Wednesday, until a certain team’s marketing catch-up came round.

A snapshot of what happened in today’s meetings.

Me: “Guys – where are we at with the brochure proof? The product release has been pushed back 2 weeks already and we have been sitting on the brochure for a couple of days now. What’s the delay?”

Him: “It’s not ready.”

Me: “Ok. Why? Can you get to it today?”

Him: “No.”

Stares exchanged…

Him: “Proofing is not a valuable use of my time.”

Me: “Then I will proof and release into the market.”

Him: “No. You can’t send it without my approval.”

Me: “Ok. Then please proof it after this meeting and get your amends to me by lunch.”

Him: “I will get to it when I get to it. My time is more valuable…”

I’ll leave the rest of that sentence to your imagination! This is just one example of the numerous conversations I have had with this team leader.

Sales say that their time is more important than ours. What I find bizarre is that – surely if all our time is well spent, we all make more money? If marketing is targeted, there will be more high quality leads, there will be more revenue generating opportunities – there will be more revenue! Sales can help us do that by feeding back from the industry.

Marketing is often sales’ scapegoat.

Sales’ top excuses:

  1. Marketing hasn’t given me data
  2. The data Marketing has given me is outdated
  3. Marketing hasn’t got me any leads
  4. The leads Marketing have given me are crap

And yet, when you delve deeper into the excuse, it often is not that simple.

Example – The leads Marketing have given me are crap.
Ok – are there target profiles missing from the leads? Are they reacting unexpectedly to the event? What objections are you receiving?

Marketing needs Sales and Sales needs Marketing.

“Studies show failure to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10% or more of revenue per year ($100 million for a billion-dollar company).” – 10 Stats on the Business Impact of Marketing and Sales alignment:

So why can’t we work together? We all want the events to be a success. Our most successful events are those where we all work effectively and efficiently as a TEAM.

Despite this evidence, I have one more Salesman to convert. I won some, I lost one!

As I drink this glass of wine, I say to myself- better luck next time.



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