Marketing is like a fine wine

Marketing is like a fine wine. The art is knowing when the time is right to distribute.

Stage 1 of Wine Making – Harvesting

Harvesting is a vital step in the wine making process, just as the planning process is vital for marketing. Both take time, dedication and selection. Selection of the right grapes – selection of the right marketing channels, the right marketing partners.

Stage 2 of Wine Making – Crushing and Pressing

After the grapes are selected, after the marketing channels are selected, both are ready to be prepared. The grapes are crushed. The marketing collateral is prepared. In the olden days, grapes were crushed under foot. Nowadays, this process is often mechanised. The same can be said for marketing. We used to send every promotion manually. Now we have systems that allow us to, for example, send emails automatically based on consumer behaviour.

Stage 3 of Wine Making – Fermentation

“After crushing and pressing, fermentation comes into play. Must (or juice) can begin fermenting naturally within 6-12 hours when aided with wild yeasts in the air. However, many wine makers intervene and add a commercial cultured yeast to ensure consistency and predict the end result.” – Laurel Gray Vineyards

After the “crushing and pressing” stage of the marketing plan, fermentation comes into play. Internal activities begin fermenting naturally when aided with external marketing partner activity. However, many marketers interview and add additional internal activities to ensure a wider net of distribution and predict the end result (a.k.a. boost the initial product release).

Stage 4 of Wine Making – Clarification

Clarification is the process where the wine is refined, through fining or filtration. The same process occurs in setting up a marketing strategy. You refine your strategy by filtering out the activities that don’t suit your target market. You choose where to spend your budget. You maximise your time and the distribution of your product.

Stage 5 of Wine Making – Aging & Bottling

Your wine is ready, waiting for the perfect time to distribute. Your marketing plan is ready. Leaving it to age, preparing all collateral, making sure you have the resources you need. Getting it ready for the right time to launch, to distribute.

The Wine Making process – courtesy of Laurel Gray Vineyards


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