Emotionally involved

Something that has always bugged me is that when a woman shows emotion in business, we are called “emotional”. Or even worse, you hear comments like “she must be hormonal”. What makes it worse is that I hear myself thinking about it myself when I’m upset, or even colleagues.

Why is caring or being emotional a bad thing? Should I be respected less for showing that emotion to my colleagues?

Today was not a great day. Can you tell?

Recently, I’ve been butting heads with a colleague of mine. Which is odd. Normally we get on great! And work well together, which makes the projects we work on together more success. You can’t underestimate the power of great team work, or the destruction that poor team work can cause. The situation came to a tipping point today. In the end, I had to draw a meeting to a close to continue another day, as I felt myself getting upset.

What makes me mad is that I am conditioned to believe that being upset showed weakness. I wasn’t upset because we had an argument. I wasn’t upset by the criticism. I was upset because my opinion wasn’t heard and that, instead of working together to blend ideas and find a solution that suited all parties, I was blindsided in a meeting.

I was upset because I believe in the project. I believe in my team, the marketing strategy that they have put together, the data that they have built, the media partners that they have chosen and their implementation.

Why is this a bad thing? 

My biggest weakness and my biggest strength is that I live and breathe my events. I invest all time and energy I can spare.

Emotion is not a bad thing. Why am I so afraid to show it?

Caring or being emotional doesn’t make me less of a Marketing Director. The fact that I care drives me, gives me the passion to push my events forward, and ultimately to drive my team! If I didn’t care – I’d be worried. 


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