The power of social media – #SMWNYC & #RareDiseaseDay2016

Social Media Week hits NYC once more! Yet another example of how exciting it is to be a Marketer in New York.

I was fortunate enough (thanks to my boss’ connections) to have the opportunity this week to attend a reception put together by the United Kingdom Department of Trade & Industry. It was lovely to spend an evening with fellow Brits who have moved or are moving to the Big Apple – all of whom are interested in marketing. UKTI gathered a group of 12 UK tech companies in NYC. It was great to get to network with Founders and Social Media Directors from The Round, Seen It and more.

And #SMWNYC has hit just at a time when I launched my social media campaign for World Orphan Drug Congress USA to coincide with Rare Disease Day 2016.

Every year, I am so inspired by the work of Rare Disease Advocates. And it’s great to see the impact that social media has in raising awareness and raising funds. #RareDiseaseDay2016

“Can’t ignore having completely energized & transformed research, connecting pts/researchers globally.

Rare Disease Day is such an amazing example of how powerful social media is. So get involved and celebrate Rare Disease Day – wear jeans on Monday Feb 29th or read this blog on Total Orphan Drugs about how you can get involved.


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