Time for a good old fashioned Spring Clean!

First week of March is always a busy week – the conference season is in full swing, its St. David’s Day and my birthday. This year my boyfriend’s sister is also visiting. So naturally this weekend, we cleaned. A good old Spring Clean!

Today (mainly to get out of vacuuming 🙂 ), I also spring cleaned my inbox. Email is a dangerous thing. It is addictive.

I have 5 rules that help me to keep on top of my emails.

  1. I never leave the office with more than 30 emails (with time sensitive tasks) in my inbox.
  2. I delete. The delete button is not something to be feared.
  3. I organize. Folders are wonderful things. You can keep things, you can de-clutter, and you can find things later.
  4. Rules! Rules are great. Marketing gets so many email notifications. For example, I receive a seed email for every email we send. I also receive an email every time someone books for one of our events. These emails don’t go into my inbox. They go into pre-designated folders.
  5. I plan a minimum of 3 hours a day where I deal with emails – first thing, just after lunch, and last thing before I go home. This way I know I will always respond quickly. This way I know I won’t miss anything urgent.

Emails are dangerous if not managed well. It is so easy to feel out of control and overwhelmed at work if your inbox is out of control.


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  1. Hi Freya,

    First time visit to your blog, we met over on Twitter so wanted to see what you were doing over here.

    Spring cleaning is a must. Our email boxes can definitely get away from us if we don’t stay on top of them. For the most part I do and mine stays pretty clean. I’m a nut for responding in a timely manner to those who email me but spam is definitely spam and I have NO problem hitting that delete key. I even had a guy approach me about contributing to his blog yet he gave me less than two weeks notice. I’m a business owner and my time is valuable so I have to schedule everything. He said he understood and then this week turns right around and request something else from me and this time is’t less then two weeks notice. Can you say instant delete! Yikes!!!

    Hope you’re able to continue keeping everything clean Freya. Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I know I’ll see you on Twitter as well.



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