In pursuit of content, I would walk 37 miles

I recently invested in a Fitbit – trying to be a little healthier in my old age. I have a relatively sedentary lifestyle. 9-5, 5 days a week sat in front of a computer screen.

But what about when we are running the events themselves? So, using my Fitbit, I tracked my movements at #HomeDeliveryW last week.

Event organisers are like icebergs – show little on the surface, hide a lot beneath a calm exterior. We are constantly running around like headless chickens, smiling constantly. Turns out at a 3 day event, we walk 37 miles. Even I was shocked. An Exhibition Hall is not always huge. But an event is not a sprint – its a marathon and some!

It was a fantastic event and totally worth the sore feet. My team once again did me proud. At events, we focus on content capture and creation. This year we gathered the presentations from our speakers, also captured the audio to produce a podcast summer series and even videoed a few sessions. Our pack of guest bloggers helped us to share the events live onto our blog Total Delivery. As always, twitter was a vital tool for us to create FOMO. On top of this, our fabulous interview crew from Supply Chain Brain helped us to video interview delegates, speakers and sponsors alike. We also had Open Source Fashion onsite, whose podcast is well worth a listen for anyone in retail. They also interviewed many of our attendees!

It is so important to use events as a source of content, a source of industry knowledge and a place to discuss the industry with the industry. Our discussions with our customers have sparked ideas for future Home Delivery Worlds.

That’s not all! All this content helped us to create FOMO and has already given a great boost to the launch of Home Delivery World 2017.

37 miles in 3 days? Wonder whether this will be more or less at #WODC. We’ll find out soon.



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