Marketing #WODC 2016 – a look back at the our April event for the #raredisease industry in tweets

This year the marketing for the World Orphan Drug Congress USA went truly global. Our marketing campaign kicked off twelve months out! Our fully integrated digital campaign utilized all major marketing channels:

WEBSITE – Our website is fully responsive and updated regularly.
EMAIL MARKETING – We run a sophisticated lead generation and lead nurture campaign to our comprehensive database of over 180,000 people.
DIRECT MARKETING – We mailed (yes that’s snail mail!) a flyer to our top prospects and past customer.
DIGITAL ADVERTISING – Working with a leading digital advertising agency adverts have been placed on Google, the display networks, LinkedIn and Facebook. Re-targeting was used extensively.
INBOUND MARKETING – Our team regularly blog on our community Total Orphan Drugs. Fantastic eBooks were also produced for download and boosted our lead generation.
SOCIAL MARKETING – Blog posts and event alerts are regularly posted to our dedicated twitter feed, facebook page and linkedIn group. And they are posted to relevant 3rd party groups and pages. We now boast over 3,500 social followers!
PRESS AND 3RD PARTY CAMPAIGN – We partnered with over 30 leading press and media. Digital advertising, email blasts and page adverts helped spread the word.
DIRECT SALES – Our dedicated direct sales team ensured that no lead was left unconverted. This all sounds very impressive! But I bet you’d like to know if it all worked?

Yes – it did!

Check out the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2016 in tweets via @storify >>


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