How can I…

Been feeling nostalgic – being organised enabled us to double delegate revenue, grow our database, triple leads, develop the team and so much more! Been one hell of a year 🙂

Marketer in New York

So I recently made the leap across the pond from London to New York to run the Marketing Department in our Americas office. Not only was I new to New York, but also new to management and new to the Americas market.

A lot of new!

As a new leader, I was eager to make waves! But I equally did not want to step on anyone toes. For the first two weeks, I sat back, I listened and I learned. I took the time to understand the company dynamics, the processes and most importantly I got to know my team. During this time I also took notes on what I felt needed to change and any ideas that I wanted to instigate. These notes became the basis of my plans for 2015.

I used mind maps to write down all my ideas. I asked myself a series of questions to ensure that I…

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