In pursuit of content, I would walk 37 miles

Marketer in New York

I recently invested in a Fitbit – trying to be a little healthier in my old age. I have a relatively sedentary lifestyle. 9-5, 5 days a week sat in front of a computer screen.

But what about when we are running the events themselves? So, using my Fitbit, I tracked my movements at #HomeDeliveryW last week.

Event organisers are like icebergs – show little on the surface, hide a lot beneath a calm exterior. We are constantly running around like headless chickens, smiling constantly. Turns out at a 3 day event, we walk 37 miles. Even I was shocked. An Exhibition Hall is not always huge. But an event is not a sprint – its a marathon and some!

It was a fantastic event and totally worth the sore feet. My team once again did me proud. At events, we focus on content capture and creation. This year we…

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