The convergence of marketing and customer experience

Reblogging as a look back on America’s Customer Festival 2015, as the 2016 edition is tomorrow!

Marketer in New York

Recently, we’ve witnessed a convergence of marketing and experience. Epitomised by experiential marketing, it is great to see marketing come to life. Check out these great examples here – posted by My personal favourite – the “Best Poster in the World” by Carlsberg.

In events, we often forget that our customers’ experience our marketing. Last week, at America’s Customer Festival I was reminded of the importance of customer experience and how closely linked this is to customer service. Melissa Baird,Director of Product and Operations from Bonobos gave a great presentation about on “The store of the future – Leveraging brick and mortar to increase online sales conversion.” Not only has Bonobos revolutionised their in-store experience, they have taken customer service to the next level. This high level of customer service has enabled them to deliver a unique customer experience.

Melissa gave examples of how Bonobos’ ‘marketing ninjas’

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