The benefits of blogging

With a new job, comes a new style of marketing. Focusing on digital transformation, our events are unique. Invite-only and exclusively for C-level executives, this presents a challenge for me.

How do I ensure that we are getting in front of the right people? 

C-Level executives are marketed to almost constantly! I want to make sure that our collateral stands out, and is not deleted or worse – unsubscribed from.

So, I’ve started by trying to understand our target market. Thinking about what sort of digital transformation challenges, or tips they may be searching for. This is not a quick process.

My first act as VP, Marketing has been to launch a new blog – the Digital Diary. I’ve started to dabble in blogging. The benefits of content or inbound marketing are huge and undeniable.

  1. Credibility – position yourself as a thought leader, an expert or source of solutions.
  2. Education – the act of putting a blog together allows the writer to delve into the topic matter. To learn more about digital transformation, I have been researching and using these results to produce blogs.
  3. Search – smart blogs that answer your target’s questions, and are SEO’d, increases your findability. Inbound links also help you rank for long-tail keywords, and in turn Google.
  4. Social – blogging boosts social media campaigns.
  5. Conversion – it increases conversion rates and leads.
  6. Human – blogging cannot be done by a robot (yet!). It humanizes your company and also allows you to engage with potential customers – H2H marketing.

It’s tough to start writing, especially on a topic that you may not feel too confident about, or for a new company who you are eager to impress.

In the words of Ann Handley from MarketingProfs, the key is to just write.

So that’s what I did. Armed with the recipe for copywriting, A.I.D.C.A., I started to explore the world of digital transformation in healthcare.

A.I.D.C.A. stands for: A – Attention I – Interest D – Desire C – Conviction A – Action

In any copy, the writer needs to grab the reader’s attention. To encourage the reader to continue reading, it is then important to peak their interest. Reader’s are human. So give them something they care about, it needs to satisfy a need or desire. The reader also needs to be convinced. Use evidence to demonstrate your expertise. This, in turn, demonstrates that you as the product or service provider can deliver. You as the writer need to have conviction in what you say. And finally, clear action guides the reader through their journey, through your marketing (hopefully all the way to becoming a customer).

Here is a breakdown of my recent blog, The future of healthcare is digital. 

A – The headline, The future of healthcare is digital, clearly states what the blog is about, and would grab the attention of those interested in the digital transformation of healthcare.

I – Next, to peak the interest of my readers I used a quote to provide instant impact, followed by a clear introduction that provided background.

D – For desire, I detailed the instability of the current political state in the United States and how the future of healthcare is unpredictable.

C – The evidence for this post came from quotes from reputable sources and well-known names within the industry. That and appropriate source attribution, adds credibility to this blog.

A –  Finally, the action for this one was easy. I wanted to guide those interested in checking out our events, in particular our April assembly on Digital Healthcare Transformation.

I then distributed the blog across a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Blogging is also made harder when you don’t see the results you desire immediately. That is benefits of marketing, in particular, digital marketing, the results are instant! If you are starting from scratch and building a readership base, your blogs are unlikely to go viral just yet. Consistency and a solid distribution plan will be vital to increasing your reach.

I was lucky that one of our previous speakers, Cynthia Johnson saw the post on Twitter and shared it.

Cynthia Johnson shares blog on future of healthcare

Thanks to Cynthia, the blog’s reach was expanded exponentially. As the first of my blog’s onto the NEW Digital Diary, this was certainly an extremely helpful leg-up.



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