How Do You Know When Too Much Email is Too Much?

Email is not dead. Email is the core of every marketers’ digital strategy and will remain so for some time. Social Media has tried and failed to knock email off its pedestal.

“Three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI.” (Econsultancy, 2016) (Source:

When it comes to developing your email marketing strategy, there are several elements to consider.

  • How much data do you have?
  • Can you segment the data?
  • Why am I sending emails?
  • How many emails are you planning on sending?
  • How often should I send these emails?
  • What time zone are your recipients in?
  • Does my email system allow me to create mobile friendly emails?

Once you’ve starting experimenting, you’ll start to see significant return. Email is still the number marketing tool in terms of direct engagement and conversion.

We’ve all got frustrated at our inbox at one time or another.

As marketers, we crave information and often sign up for multiple email newsletters all offering to give us details on the latest marketing trends. Recently, two of influencers that I follow teamed up to promote one of their sales training courses.

Now, the idea of this co-promotion is sound. Leveraging off a fellow influencers’ network and getting their seal of approval is a great way of boosting your reach. Another great point to add is that the copy was brilliant. Almost convinced they’re best friends in real life!

However, one thing they didn’t manage well was the sending times of their emails. I would receive and email from one of them, and then within 30 minutes receive an email with the same subject matter from the other guy!

At first, this wasn’t too bad. Obviously, it’s a short-term promotion as there are clear deadlines detailed in the emails. Couple of emails here and there are not too bad.

Oh, how wrong I was.

This bombardment continues for what felt like weeks (3), culminating in an onslaught on my inbox in the early hours of the morning.

Had these emails been the only 6 emails I had received from them that day, I may not have noticed. But, this was only half.

How do you know when too much email is too much

An aggressive sales strategy often works. Telling a story in email also often works. These emails certainly had both.

When sending email, it’s vital to plan the sending. Sending emails at 2am on a Wednesday to a busy executive with an immediate deadline is most likely going to be ineffective. Unless they suffer from severe insomnia, or like to party.  I came in to the office and deleted them all without even reading them (after I took the screenshot of course!)

Considering that at no point had I opened or clicked any of these emails, it may have been smart to remove me from the campaign. Focus efforts on more engaged readers.

How do you know when too much email is too much?

From the outset. Think about your own relationship with your inbox. What email tactics irritate you? Which emails stand out to you?

Thinking like your customer is not a trick. It’s not even an art. It’s actually common sense.

The emails I received came from two seasoned marketing professionals, with tried and tested methods. But as their supposed target customer, these tactics were not appropriate to get me to engage with them, let alone buy their product.



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