No Laptops…Just Our Brains And A Whiteboard

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.54.06 AM
Photos by Nick Peacock-Smith

Yesterday, we ventured out of the office to the local WeWork space for a brainstorming day.

The combine forces of the Marketing and Client Services teams sat down and tackled some of the challenges that have come up over the first half of this year. Not only that, but we looked at ways that we could add a little extra to our conferences for our attendees.

Focusing on three key areas, Content, Technology, and Luxury, with the space to think and no laptop distraction, we came up with some fantastic ideas to take our events to the next level.


  • Working with our sales team to help them feel more confident selling from the agenda. We’re planning several content deep-dives, where we explore the latest technology and digital business strategies.
  • We’re also going to trial some new content formats, that we believe will offer unique opportunities for our attendees to get to actually test out new technology.


  • Ideas to get the most out of our onsite technology, including our event app.


  • We asked ourselves how we can better work with our hotel partners to deliver a more luxurious experience for our delegates. Morning Yoga? Spa treatments? Champagne After Hours Party?

We also spent the time walking in our customer’s shoes, which is the only way to identify their needs.

Taking the time to get out of the office gave us the space we needed to work on how to take our events to the next level.

We’re so excited to put the ideas into practice!


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