How to get 1,500+ attendees at your event

Can’t quite believe that it was a year ago that I wrote “How to get an entire city talking about your event for 2 days.”

Seems impossible to me that I am undertaking the final analysis for the Home Delivery World 2016 marketing campaign. This is a great example of how marketing changes in 1 year.

This year the marketing for the Home Delivery World went truly global. Our marketing campaign kicked off twelve months out! Our fully integrated digital campaign utilized all major marketing channels, details below.

Each year, we produced several marketing pieces that are used throughout the campaign. This includes the event brochure, the sponsorship prospectus, the workshop brochure and the post event report – all of which feature our event partners prominently, encouraging them to share across their networks.


Our fully responsive website is updated regularly and visited by tens-of-thousands of home delivery industry stakeholders. Taking the time to train and understand SEO better has helped push us up the Google rankings.


In this day and age, email is the number 1 communication tool of every marketer. So,
how to stand out from the crowd?

We have had great fun this year experimenting with subject lines, personalized copy, images etc. My favorite subject line has to be, “Fancy Chick’Fil’A?” sent at 11:55am to attract opens from our hungry audience. The copy then went on to talk about all the great local legends that are attending our event this year.

With a huge global database, we target by interest, Geo and job title to ensure our messages get in front of the right people.

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2016 saw Home Delivery World officially enter the “digital age”! By working closely with a digital marketing agency, adwords, PPC and remarketing was successfully used to grow our digital footprint.


It’s easy to get caught up with the latest digital marketing craze! Here at Home Delivery World, we never forget the need to be direct. We use direct targeting and messages in all our marketing, whether it be digital or more traditional like a mailing. In addition to our digital activities we:

  • Mailed (yes that’s snail mail” to our local contacts and past customers
  • The team headed down to Atlanta – Face-to-Face always works best!
  • Organized meet-ups – including one in New York


We love content! We regularly post onto online communities, including our own ‘Total Delivery’. With the the help of our sponsors, we have produced and shared over 30 presentations, 2 eBooks (with a 3rd imminent) and over 60 blogs.


Social Media has proven to be a powerful tool of promotion for us time and time again.

Leveraging our 3.000 strong social network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; alongside a targeted Facebook Advertising campaign, has increased the reach of our content, and that of our customers, exponentially.

For 2017, we now have a strong social network to engage with.

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Our dedicated sales team ensure no lead is left unconverted! Logging over 60 calls a day, this unprecedented effort has made Home Delivery 2016 the biggest and best yet!


We partnered with over 65 leading press and media. Digital advertising, email blasts and page adverts helped spread the word. Thank to all our partners whose tireless effort and constant support is never forgotten or unappreciated.

In total, over 800 marketing activities have helped to make the 2016 event a record breaker!

  • Mailings
  • Emails
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs
  • EBooks
  • Social Media
  • Flyers at other events
  • Adverts in industry publications
  • Direct sales team
  • Banners & listings
  • Newsletter listings
  • Adwords & remarketing
  • Influencer marketing

There is still time to join the 1,500+ people already signed up. Register for Home Delivery World now >


If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Sometimes at work we get asked to do things that seem bizarre at first…but then you realise there is method in the madness.

Recently, my boss asked me to dabble in a wee bit of Sales, or business development. My initial thought was this is madness. But then I remembered that it is always good to test yourself or be thrown in the deep end. Sink or swim as they say. The experience reminded me of something important…if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

It’s important to remember this, not only in Sales but also in Marketing. It is not a coincidence that emails with subject lines such as “Brochure now available – download it now” work better than those that perhaps beat about the bush. In fact, this was the subject of a team discussion today. Why do some emails work better than others?

In marketing, we all love to be creative and try different things (creativity is literally in the job description!) However, we have to think about our customer. In this day and age, we all receive hundreds of emails a day. Those subject lines that simply state what the email is about and the purpose of the email make our customers’ lives simpler. It’s straight to the point – they know what they’re getting or being asked to do. Sometimes being direct can set you apart from the competition more effectively!

Sometimes its better to get straight to the point. In other words – if you don’t ask, you don’t get! 

How to get an entire city talking about your event in 2 days

Marketer in New York

Home Delivery World Billboard


A little over a two weeks ago myself and our Managing Director headed to Atlanta on behalf of Home Delivery World 2015 which is taking place this year on April 8-9. This year for the first time, this event is now an expo with over 70+ stands and an expected attendee number of over 1000.

One of the challenges in marketing this event has been ensuring that we are promoting to the right people in Atlanta and Georgia. So 4 weeks before the event, we headed to Atlanta. With 6 scheduled meetings, 1 radio interview and 500 vis-tickets to distribute we had our work cut out for us!

What were the results?

In just two days we managed to distribute 400 Visitor Tickets via the Atlanta-based sponsors and associations we met with. We also met with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce- Supply & Logistics Division whose partners which…

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Face-to-face is always best

In a world of “digital transformation”, we seem to get too easily distracted by the newest this or the fastest that. Daily I see so many articles about the latest digital marketing solution or social media platform that as a marketer I should be using. There are so many out there – how to choose what’s right? That’s a blog for another time!

I’m not saying that digital marketing isn’t EXTREMELY valuable, but in an industry where marketing has the habit of being seen as a support system too reliable on email marketing; my gut says we need to remember the basics.

Once again I have learnt that face-to-face meetings are more effective. A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Chicago to do some ‘grassroots marketing’ for The Trading Show Chicago 2015It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to meet and network with a new industry. Before moving to New York, I worked exclusively within Lifescience events. Lifesciences will always have my heart, but it is exciting to learn about new industries and see how different customers react to different promotional channels.

Marketing embraces the innovative. Let’s not forget the basics. Getting out there and talking to our customers is the best way to ensure that we deliver.

The Trading Show Chicago 2015 is set to be the best yet! The lessons we as marketing have learnt in the best year have paid off. Want to see how? Pop along to the event next week by registering here > 

Or follow us at #TSChicago.