“Cloudsourcing” – Crowdsourcing Storm Stella

Like many New Yorkers affected by Storm Stella, I spent the day working from home with the weather playing constantly in the background. New York City missed out on the predicted 24 inches of snow, ending the day with only 7 inches of snowfall recorded in Central Park.

Beyond the images of inches of snow and winds pummeling the Nor’eastern states, something else stood out to me as a marketer of events.

Crowdsourcing the weather. A nickname proposal – “Cloudsourcing”?

(Not to be confused with cloudsourcing relating to cloud providers.)

This was especially noticeable in the New York, as the severity of the weather across the 5 boroughs varied. The storm veered north, so the deep snow missed most of Manhattan and Long Island looked more like a puddle than a winter wonderland.

Storm Stella
A man walks in Central Park as snow falls in New York City, on March 14, 2017. Andrew Kelly—Reuters

By encouraging viewers to share photos on numerous hashtags, meteorologists could provide a more accurate portrait of how the weather was impacting the different states, and the different boroughs.

Crowdsourcing on social media 

The emergence and popularity of social media opened many doors for marketers. One such door was the opportunity to crowdsource.

“Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people.”Prescient Digital

3 ways crowdsourcing will aid your marketing efforts.

  1. Its customer-centric

Firstly, it puts your customer at the center of your campaign, gathering information directly from them. This helps ensure that you are communicating to your target about topics that matter, in a way that works for them.

People love to get involved and be given the opportunity to express their opinions.

“Letting your target audience get involved is like handing out the mic at a conference.”Jay Baer

  1. Its time-saving

How often has time impacted your marketing activities? Be honest.

Marketers everywhere often say that time is their number 1 challenge. There is never enough time in the day to do as much as we would like. So, imagine if your use crowdsourcing to alleviate some of the pressure. Not only does crowdsourcing provide you with a treasure trove of content to share, it also provides you with a diamond – data.

Using crowdsourcing effectively will provide you key insight into your target customer, which can then be used in customer personas to make smarter marketing decisions in the future.

  1. Its engaging

Crowdsourcing is by its nature engaging. You can directly and authentically engage with target and current customers. This level of engagement helps you as a marketer to encourage your target to invest in your company.

Over recent years, with the rise of consumer-led marketing the need for authenticity has become imperative. Consumers choose brands that they have engaged with, that they feel has delivered them an authentic, personalized experience.

How crowdsourcing changed the Super Bowl Ad Game

Let’s take a quick look at the history of Super Bowl commercials. For many a brand marketer, the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the commercial game. Over its 51-year history, the sporting event has become as synonymous with the commercial competition as it has American football.

Each year, USA Today’s Ad Meter declares the winner of the on-screen competition. This year, KIA won the coveted title with its commercial staring actress and comedienne Melisa McCarthy.

Over the past 50 years, the way marketers leverage these expensive commercial slots has changed. Digital tools have changed the ad game, as marketers look to take their commercials cross-channel using interactive and social channels.

The gold standard of online campaigns is ‘going viral’. This has become the ultimate victory for any social media campaign. Doritos and Frito-Lay used crowdsourcing to achieve this with the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, which ran for the last time last year.

Using crowdsourcing on social media, the chip makers used their fans to create their Super Bowl commercial. Chip lovers submitted their own ad creative, of which 5 finalists were selected. A judging panel chose the top 2, the ultimate winner being selected by Chip fans. In 2016, the winner of the $1 million grand prize was “Doritos Dogs” by Jacob Chase, which now has over 8 million YouTube views.

This is just one notable example of how crowdsourcing has impacted marketing. Doritos and Frito-Lay created a customer-centric campaign, that encourages their fans to engage with their brand directly. The company also saved their ad creative team time, by outsourcing the design of the commercial.



In pursuit of content, I would walk 37 miles

Marketer in New York

I recently invested in a Fitbit – trying to be a little healthier in my old age. I have a relatively sedentary lifestyle. 9-5, 5 days a week sat in front of a computer screen.

But what about when we are running the events themselves? So, using my Fitbit, I tracked my movements at #HomeDeliveryW last week.

Event organisers are like icebergs – show little on the surface, hide a lot beneath a calm exterior. We are constantly running around like headless chickens, smiling constantly. Turns out at a 3 day event, we walk 37 miles. Even I was shocked. An Exhibition Hall is not always huge. But an event is not a sprint – its a marathon and some!

It was a fantastic event and totally worth the sore feet. My team once again did me proud. At events, we focus on content capture and creation. This year we…

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Regenerative medicine – potential treatments for rare diseases #stemcellsusa

Here at World Orphan Drug Congress USA, we understand that sometimes it is really useful to have the stats! So here they are – in a handy infographic!

We thought this breakdown and overview might be helpful to some in the orphan drug sector. We took this from the FDA’s list of approved and designated orphan drugs and is one the ways we decide on who to invite. The list keeps changing, of course; we had about 4 more designations in the last week. This total is as of August 25th, 2015 .

From the US FDA List of Orphan Drugs 3,492 - World Orphan Drug Congress USA

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Using AIDCA to improve copy

Copy is one of those things we all have to do. Whenever I ask one of the conference producers to write some copy, I get a look of despair! The word copy seems to ignite fear.

That was the reaction until we starting using AIDCA – a formula that can work for all types of copy. From brochures to email, following this 5 step copywriting process.

AIDCA stands for: A – Attention I – Interest D – Desire C – Conviction A – Action

In any copy, the writer needs to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to continue reading. The writer now needs to convince that the copy is in the reader’s interest. Now the reader needs to feel that the product or service will help them. It needs to satisfy a need or desire. This is where the emotion of the writing comes in. The reader also needs to be convinced that you as the product or service provider can deliver. You as the writer need to have conviction in what you say. In other words, provide evidence. And finally, the reader needs to know what action to take to purchase.

Here is an example email from a recent email we wrote. This email for Aviation Festival Americas 2015 which got a 16.2% open rate and a 54% click-through rate.

A – (Subject line) The CEOs of Spirit, Frontier and LAN Colombia are doing one thing you should try

I –6 years ago, Terrapinn started the World Low Cost Airlines Congress, which brought together the top CEOs across the Americas. They addressed new ways of gaining ancillary revenue and how new business models could change the aviation sector. As the divisions between LCCs and legacy carriers have fallen away, we now bring together all airlines and key airports seeking innovation and business opportunities at the much larger and spectacular Aviation Festival Americas 2015. You can join the leading CEOs, CCOs and CTOs of the top airlines and airports at Aviation Festival Americas.

D – Can you afford to miss the opportunity to meet executives from over 100 airlines?

Here are 10 reasons why this is the one Aviation event you need to attend this year:

  1. Never be bored! Pick from 3 streams of content on topics related to Aviation IT, AirXperience, Low Cost, Air Retail, and Aviation Interiors
  2. Hear from Spirit Airline’s, Ben Baldanza, and Frontier Airline’s, Barry Biffle, on how they are maintaining the lowest costs and able to offer the lowest fares
  3. Join interactive roundtables to speak closely and directly to industry experts on topics like how to tie IT into improving the customer experience 
  4. Determine where the industry’s next big ancillary revenue increase will come from with Insel Air’s Chief Commercial Officer 
  5. Understand how WiFi systems on passenger jets are at risk of being hacked with international tech guru Ruben Santamarta
  6. Hear from Google on building your brand and appealing to the connected traveler
  7. Ask new airline executives your burning questions during the audience participation at the New Airline Start-up Panel
  8. Debate what new opportunities lie within NDC with IATA’s Regional Director, Americas, Jean Charles Odele Gruau
  9. Sit down with Miami Int’l Airport’s Director of Information Systems and discuss how they are using location based beacons
  10. Network at the Up In The Air Cocktail Reception with Caribbean and Latin American airlines like Azul, Volaris, Avianca, Copa, LATAM, VivaColombia, Bahamasair, VivaAerobus, Sunrise Airways, Surinam Airways, andAir Yucatán

C – Hear from: Barry Biffle, President, Frontier Airlines, Hernan Pasman, CEO, LAN Colombia, Trevor Sadler, CEO, InterCaribbean, Edward Wegel, CEO, Eastern Airlines, Ken Choi, CEO, Jeju Air, Adam Scott, CEO, Odyssey Airlines, Hamish Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Sunrise Airways, William Shaw, CCO, VivaColombia and James Callaghan, Chief Technologist, WestJet. 

A –  Book today by visiting the website www.terrapinn.com/aviation-americas

I don’t know who originally coined AIDCA – thank you!